Memorizing your mnemonic images

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Note: If you don't have a number system already, check out the free ebook, Learn the Art of Memory, and the Major System page.

Memorizing your mnemonic images

Now that you have all these Mnemonic systems, you've thought up of all these images to represent cards or numbers, how do you get to memorizing them and starting to apply them?


- Lets use cards as an example. You've created 52 images(or 2704 if you are using a two cards per one image system).

First, organize your deck of cards in order, usually that's Ace through King, starting with Ace of spades facing you, then diamonds, clubs and finally hearts. Now, looking at your list of 52, go through the whole deck in order, pausing for several seconds on each card and repeating it's name and visualizing the image that represents it. Do this several times, in order and backwards. This will give you a base, so you'll know some of the cards when you start the next step.

Secondly, shuffle the cards, and go through the deck without using your list. If you can't think of what the image is for a card in 5-10 seconds, just set it aside, and move on to the next one. At the end of this, you'll have 2 piles; one for images that you recalled, and one that you didn't recall. Pick up the pile with the images you couldn't recall, and go through it a couple times using your list. Then, repeat the process; shuffle and try to think of what the image for each card is. Set the ones you can't think of aside. Repeat this until there you can think of all the images.

Once you eliminated all of the cards you couldn't think of, go through the deck once more using your list, shuffle it, and now go through the whole deck and think of what the images are. Now you can be more strict; if you can't think of what the card is in 3-5 seconds, set it aside to practice on it more. You can continue to do this until you can recognize each card within a second. Then you can start memorizing them using memory palaces.


- If you skipped the part about Cards, go back and read it. We will be using basically the same exact method to memorize our number images, with the only differences there being 100 images, and using a random number generator instead of shuffling cards.

Look at the cards example for greater depth in each step.

First, go through all 100 images in order and backwards a couple times.

Secondly, use this page to get random 2 digit numbers, all 100 combinations. It might be helpful to print it out. Go through a section, trying to think of what each number is in under 10 seconds. If you can't, write it down on a sheet of paper and go on. Before moving on to the next section, go through your 100 images forward and backwards once. Go to the next section, and repeat. Try to see patterns, and then study those numbers that cause you more problems.

Once you know all of them, go as fast as you can. Write down those number that take you more than 3 seconds to remember the image for them. Once there is none left, do it with 2 seconds or 1 second.


To memorize your person action object images, the most important thing to do is separate the three parts from one another. So you want to practice them independently, using the above method, by practicing only Persons, then only Actions, then only Objects, seeing which ones you are slowest at, and practicing those more. A good goal is under 2 minutes for each part of 100. Also, you will want to practice making randomly generated complete PAO sets(6 numbers xx-xx-xx=p-a-o). Just create an image consisting of a person doing an action to/with an object, and move on to the next 6 numbers. You can find randomly generated images for 00-99 and also for PAO- XX-XX-XX right here.