Memorizing the Periodic Table of Elements

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This page contains techniques for memorizing the periodic table of elements with mnemonics.

The Periodic Table

To avoid mistakes, be sure to memorize from the latest version of the periodic table.

First Letter Mnemonics

Here is Ufuoma Ejiro Uwedjojevwe's mnemonic for memorizing the first 20 elements of the periodic table. It requires some knowledge of the structure of the periodic table, with respect the initial placement of Hydrogen and Helium in columns at opposite ends of the table along the same row (Period 1). Each sentence represents a row. The last sentence is a fragment and does not cross the fourth Period. Leave room for the Transition Metals from Groups 3 to 12 (ten columns).

How's Helen? (First Row, Period 1)

Little Betty Bought Car Not Old Fashion New. (Second Row, Period 2)

Nancy Magura Always Sings Pop Songs Clearly & Accurately. (Third Row, Period 3)

Keep Calm! Ten to B and Always. (Fourth Row, Period 4 fragment, with spacing information).

File:Periodic Table of Elements - 1 thru 20.pdf

Peg List

In the video below, Yanjaa demonstrates a technique where the elements are memorized with a Peg List.