Memorizing Poetry

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This page contains resources about how to memorize poetry.

How to Memorize Poetry

Here are some various ways to memorize poetry:

  1. Create an image for every single word and using the loci method
  2. Divide the poem into "beats" (like in method acting)
  3. Extract keywords and then chaining them into a story
  4. Extract keywords and then placing the images in loci
  5. Copy the poem by writing it onto another sheet of paper
  6. Line-repeat method. See this page for details.

(TO DO: describe each technique)

List of Poetry for Memorization

Proposed format

  • List beginner poems, list should be subdivided by style of poetry, listing should include title, author, year written and length of poem.




Poems Needing Sorting

  • add more here

Other webpages with lists of poems