Memorizing Historic Dates

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Here are some great resources that you should read if you're thinking of memorizing historic dates and history timelines:

  • Memorizing 1000 historic dates - how to do it?
  • History Timelines
  • Tips for remembering historical data
  • Memorizing Historical Dates
  • Timeline (and File:World timeline.odt) -- "This is my 1st attempt at a timeline to be memorized. It is based on a bunch of data gathered here & there on the web, and filtered by me. In fact, I believe that a thing like this is a bit personal, e.g. I've got no interest at all in the tiresomely long sequence of succession wars in Europe, but I'm interested in Chinese dynasties, so see for yourselves. I attempted to make it hierarchical, deciding where an event falls ("Most Important!" "Relatevely Important" "Additional Details..."). This is due to the fact that the amount of data is (for me at least) a bit much, more than 350 events, so I'd like to place in the palace the 1st level events only at first, then in a second and third step add the additional data." --Alexxx 02:46, 5 March 2012 (CST)
  • 2000 important historical dates
  • Timelines of World History
  • This site provides lists of historical dates, in a style similar to the the one you find in memory competitions, the only difference being that they actually happened. This way you get to practice for the HD event while learning about events applicable IRL.

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