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Memoriad is a non-profit world mental sports organization in which competitors compete in three main categories of mental sports - memory, mental calculation and speed reading.

The records of the Memoriad Mental Sports Organization were published in the "Mind and Memory" category of Guinness Book of World Records in 2014.[1]

Memoriad 2012 took place on 24th and 25th of November in Antalya, Turkey. It is described as a World Mental Calculation, Memory, and Photographic Olympiad. The competitors list for 2012 included many of the world's top mnemonists including Johannes Mallow, Ben Pridmore, Andi Bell, Simon Reinhard, and many more.[2]

The final results of the competition can be found here.

Memoriad 2016 is planned to take place in Las Vegas, USA.


The Memoriad events are:[3]

  • Speed Cards -- "Committing to memory of a deck of 52 playing cards"
  • Names and Faces -- "To commit to memory and recall as many names and surnames as possible of 110 people's pictures"
  • Numbers Marathon -- "To commit to memory as many digits - randomly consist of 10 different digits from 0 to 9 - as possible from 125 lines of 40-digit numbers and recall them perfectly"
  • Binary Digits -- "To commit to memory as many binary digits - randomly consist of 0 and 1 like 011001010 - as possible from 175 lines of 30-digit binary numbers and recall them perfectly"
  • Flash Numbers -- Memorization of 300 one-digit numbers flashing at a frequency of one second interval time on the screen.
  • Mental Additions -- "Ten Mental addition of ten ten-digit numbers"
  • Mental Multiplications -- "Ten Mental multiplication of two 8-digit numbers"
  • Mental Square Roots -- "Extracting ten square roots from ten different six-digit numbers - solutions with an accuracy of eight digits or up to five digits from comma"
  • Mental Calendar Dates -- "Calculating mentally the week day of 75 Gregorian calendar dates randomly selected from the year of 1600 to 2099"
  • Photographic Speed Reading -- "Mental addition of 1 to 4 digit numbers that are flashed onto computer screen at a frequency interval of 1 to 0.3 seconds."


The competition uses Memoriad Software during the event. It is a free download.

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