List of USA Memory Champions

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This page contains a list of people who have won the USA Memory Championship.

Complete List

2020 Championship

Mackenna Good won the 2020 USA Memory Championship. Audrey Versace won 2nd place.

2019 Championship

Lance Tschirhart won the 2019 USA Memory Championship.

2018 Championship

John Graham won the 2018 USA Memory Championship.

2017 Championship

There was no championship in 2017.

2016 Championship

Alex Mullen won the 2016 USA Memory Championship.

2015 Championship

Nelson Dellis is the 2015 Champion. See the summary page for more details.

2014 Championship

Nelson Dellis is the 2014 Champion.

For the first half of the competition, these were the ten competitors with the highest scores before entering the finals round:

  1. Nelson Dellis
  2. Alex Mullen
  3. Livan Grijalva
  4. Brad Zupp
  5. Lance Tschirhart
  6. Johnny Briones
  7. Patrick Walsh
  8. Michael Mirski
  9. David Kutz
  10. Michael Glantz

The top eight finalists at that point went to the final elimination rounds: Nelson Dellis, Alexander Mullen, Livan Grijalva, Brad Zupp, Lance Tschirhart, Johnny Briones, Patrick Walsh, Michael Mirski.

Top five finalists after elimination during the spoken words event: Nelson Dellis, Alexander Mullen, Livan Grijalva, Lance Tschirhart, and Michael Mirski.

Top three finalists after elimination: Lance Tschirhart, Alexander Mullen, and Nelson Dellis.

See also the high school teams scoreboard.

2013 Championship

2013 results:

  1. Ram Kolli
  2. Nelson Dellis
  3. Michael Glantz
  4. Johnny Briones
  5. Michael Mirski
  6. David Kutz
  7. Chester Santos
  8. Noah Ehrich

2012 Championship

Top 10 competitors in the 2012 competition:

  1. Nelson Dellis
  2. Ron White
  3. Michael Mirski
  4. Hannan Khan
  5. Brad Zupp
  6. Sophia Hu
  7. Michael Glantz
  8. Noah Ehrich
  9. Kelly Kohlman
  10. Kabir Singh

2011 Championship

Final rankings for the 2011 competition:

  1. Nelson Dellis
  2. Ronnie White
  3. Michael Glantz
  4. Brad Zupp
  5. Chris Capobianco
  6. Vishnu Patel
  7. Hamisha Patel
  8. Sophia Hu
  9. Kelly Kohlman
  10. Kabir Singh

2002 Championship

2000 Championship