How to Memorize Guitar Chords

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This page contains information about memorizing guitar chords with mnemonics.

Technique 1

  • Learn D Major just on strings 1-4 (the four highest strings: E, B, G, D).
  • Then move the chord shape to E on just those strings, and keep going up the neck. Pay attention to which notes are the root, third, fifth, and octave.
  • Then learn the shape of major chords on just strings 2-5 (B to A). Move up the neck.
  • Same for strings 3-6 (G, D, A, E).
  • Then learn the formulas for all the other chords. A minor chord is a major chord with a minor third, so based on having learned the three shapes of major chords, you now know the minor chords. Then move on to augmented and diminished chords. Then start adding major sevenths, minor seventh, ninth, and other extensions. A little research into music theory, will instantly give you a large vocabulary of guitar chords.

See also Memorizing Chord Shapes.

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