How to Keep Track of Memory Journey Locations

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This is a page to compile methods on how to keep track of locations within a Memory Journey or Memory Palace.

Location Marker Images

You can use a separate set of number images to mark every 5th or 10th location. The ancient mnemonists recommended placing a marker at every fifth location:[1]

And that we may by no chance err in the number of backgrounds, each fifth background should be marked. For example, if in the fifth we should set a golden hand, and in the tenth some acquaintance whose first name is Decimus, it will then be easy to station like marks in each successive fifth background.

Ideas for Location Marker Images

Number images for location markers can be created with the Number Shape System, the Number Rhyme System, the Major System, or similar system.


  • 1 = candle
  • 2 = swan
  • 3 = butterfly
  • 4 = flag
  • 5 = hook
  • 6 = elephant
  • 7 = boomerang
  • 8 = snowman
  • 9 = balloon on a string

If you want to mark every 10 locations, put the candle at location #10, the swan at location #20, etc. all the way up to your image for 29 at location #290.

If you need to find the 167th location, go to your marker image for 17, find the location with that image (#170), and move back to three locations to get to location #167.

If you place the markers every fifth location, you can divide the location number by 5 rather than 10.