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Speedcubing has been a recently evolved sport and Blindsolving is a new category in it. There are 4 Official Blindfolded events recognized by WCA(World Cube Association) They are: 3x3 Blindfolded 4x4 Blindfolded 5x5 Blindfolded 3x3 Multiple Blindfolded

Each event requires a special skill set and memorizing capacity in order to complete it. If a cube is not solved on all the 6 faces then it is considered as DNF or Did Not Finish.

The current world record for 3x3 Blindfolded is 21.05sec set by Kaijun Lin from China in China Championship 2015. The time includes memorisation time and execution time combined

Mostly cubers use letter pair systems to remember the pieces. and basic story making to make a series of letter pairs memorable.

The event 3x3 Multiple Blindfolded requires more memory skills as the competitor has to memorize all the cubes at once. This event is dominated by memory athletes like Maskow who have exceptional visualization skills and inbuilt memory palaces.

Blindsolving is a growing sport and soon will reach out to more and more people.


These guides were selected among a few others, and tested by a beginner.

Beginner's guide to solving the 3x3 cube :

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