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Akira Haraguchi has memorized pi up to 111,700 digits as of 2015.[1]

According to online articles, he uses a type of phonetic system, similar to the major system, where the mnemonic images are strung together into stories.[2]

I have created about 800 stories, whose lead characters are mostly animals and plants. For the first 100 digits of pi, I have crafted a story about humans. Here is how the first 50 digits, starting with 3.14, reads: "Well, I, that fragile being who left my hometown to find a peace of mind, is going to die in the dark corners; it’s easy to die, but I stay positive."

Part of the mnemonic key:[3]

0 →  お、 ら、 り、 る、 れ、 ろ、 を、 おん
1 →  あ、 い、 う、 え、 ひ、 び、 ぴ、 あん、 ひゃ、 ひゃん、 びゃ、 びゃん

Another example mnemonic is:[4]

In his January 2006 book titled "Bucchigiri Sekai Kiroku Hojisha no Kiokujutu (The Memorization Skills of a Whopping World-record Holder)," he explains that the first 15 digits of pi, which are 3.14159265358979, can be memorized as "saishi ikokuni mukosan kowakunaku" — which roughly translates as: "The wife and children have gone abroad; the husband is not scared."

(The meaning of the first digits may be lost in translation, since the examples don't seem to match.)

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