Memory Videos

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Here is a list of memory-related videos!

Title Description
Music for learning improvement
Nelson Dellis on ABC Nightline
Jacob Barnett: Forget What You Know (TEDxTeen)
UK School Memory Championship 2008
Dominic O'Brien Memory Demo
Memory Championship in Algeria, 2012 I don't understand what they are saying, but there is more information here:
Create Body Memory Files Make sure to check out aemind for more Mind Empowering Working Memory Training videos to help you Improve your Memory, Increase your Focus & Attention, and Accelerate the Rate at which you
How to Create Mental House Files Hey what's going on Everyone. This is a Video where I teach you guys how to create House Files in order to start memorizing things.
Joshua Foer's TED Talk: Feats of memory anyone can do Joshua Foer's TED talk. If you watch closely, you may see a sheet of familiar numbers. :)
Wang Feng's Memory System A video about Wang Feng's memory system.
Ben Pridmore at Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao More info:
Sebastian Seung: I am my connectome (TED) I haven't watched the whole video yet, but it looks interesting. See also:
Speed Number Training Nelson Dellis training on speed numbers. "5 minutes to memorize as many random digits as possible. 10 minutes to recall and write them down."
Wang Feng at the 2011 World Memory Championships "I have spent three months preparing for this championship. And each day I spend five to six hours practicing.
Memorizing Names Demonstration - Ron White Nice demonstration of memorizing names, by Ron White.
6-Year-Old Memorizes US Presidents with the Method of Loci Great video from Ron White, where a 6 year old memorizes all the US Presidents with the method of loci.
Boris Konrad Memorizing Sudoku Games If Google Translate is correct: Boris Konrad has two minutes to memorize five Sudoku puzzles. Immediately afterwards he chooses the correct ones out of 100 Solutions.
Ben Pridmore's Mnemonic Images in a Music Video Ben Pridmore memorizes a deck of playing cards and the film shows his mnemonic images. Very interesting!
Gunther Karsten: World Memory Champion - Tile Game This is an interesting video of some kind of tile memorization. How would you try to memorize it?
UK Open Memory Championships, London 2010 This is a video from the 2010 UK Open Memory Championships, in London. I was an arbiter at this event.
Competition Memorization: Speed Cards Event I'm not sure what competition this is, but the video was uploaded on Mar 22, 2010. Amazing!
Simon Reinhard's 2010 World Record in Speed Cards German memory champion of 2009 Simon Reinhard broke the Speed Cards world record: On the 5th of June 2010 he memorized a shuffled deck of 52 cards in 21.90 seconds.
Andi Bell and the Method of Loci Andi Bell is a former World memory Champion, and held the record for speed cards at 31.16 seconds.
Dominic O'Brien Demonstrates Card Memorization Dominic O'Brien demonstrates how to memorize a deck of cards using the method of loci.
Ed Cooke and Lukas Amsüss Training in the Austrian Alps Edward Cooke as featured on The Mentalists, as he trains and prepares for the World Memory Championships. Great video! :)
Zogaj Memo-Gym This is a fun iPad app. I tried it out at the 2010 UK Open Memory Championship.
World Record in Speed Cards, Ben Pridmore - 2009 World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore memorizes a deck of cards - and breaks his own world record. Fast as lightning in 24.97 seconds.
World memory champion Ben Pridmore on Central News (July, 2007) Here is an interview with Ben Pridmore that aired on Central News on the 20th
Nelson Dellis Unofficial new USA speed cards record - 53 seconds Nelson Dellis makes a new unofficial US record for speed cards - 53 seconds!
Time Magazine on the 2010 USA Memory Championship Ron White and Nelson Dellis at the 2010 USA Memory Championship. Good media coverage...