Memory Videos

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Here is a list of memory-related videos!

Title Description
The Brain Season 4: Johannes Zhou, Alisa Kellner, Bao Yun, Liu Jian, and more Edit: the video was unpublished on YouTube, so I've removed the link. If anyone knows where to find it, please post a comment.
Virtual interactive memory palace
Beautiful Path of Memories | Life is Strange Ep5 PewDiePie
Joshua Foer Memorizes Pi with a Memory Palace Joshua Foer can remember anything, including the first 100
China's The Brain: Boris Konrad, Christiane Stenger, Simon Reinhard, Wang Feng March 6, 2015 - Boris Konrad, Simon Reinhard, Wang Feng, Christiane Stenger and maybe more:
Nelson Dellis: The Journey To Improving Your Memory A three-time United States Memory Champion,
3rd Arabian Memory Championship 2014 (Egypt) for more
2nd Arabian Memory Championship 2013 (Tunisia) for more
1st Arabian Memory Championship 2012 (Algeria) for more
3rd Algerian Memory Championship 2014 for more
2nd Algerian Memory Championship 2013 for more
1st Algerian Memory Championship 2012 for more
Daniel Kilov at TEDx Hav­ing strug­gled with orga­ni­za­tional skills as a symp­tom of his poor mem­ory all through high school, Daniel sought out meth­ods to improve his mem­ory.
Chester Santos Talks at Google In this fun and interactive presentation, U
Sherlock Holmes links items into a logical story 00:17 - 00:45
Solving a 17x17 Cube Ambitious.
Chester Santos' TEDx Presentation In this fun presentation, memory expert Che
Mental Calculation Course - Yusnier Viera Yusnier Viera mental calculation course.
Scott Flansburg Human Calculator Presentation for kids in Australia. Website:
Memory Slam (TV Show) Memory Slam TV show in the UK. I think it aired on December 16, 2014.
First video: Remembering and locating a chain of 20 decimals of Pi, within the first 25,000 and reciting the next 100 decimal. Second video: Making a triple sudoku, number + color, blindfolded. First video: Remembering and locating a chain of 20 decimals of Pi, within the first 25,000 and reciting the next 100 decimal.
Memorizing US Presidents This was made using some simple pegs - ordinary cliches or commonly understandable terms - for the US Presidents. Just trying something simple and effective.
A Synesthete Describes Number Colors An interview with Alex Dainis about synesthesia.
Polyglot Practices 13 Languages (including Esperanto) There's a part in the video about Esperanto being helpful for learning additional languages.
How to Memorize Chess Games 1 Although it doesn't include deep mnemotechnics, it does explain how to memorize chess games.
A Memory Palace for Chemistry
Memorizing Cards on a Roller Coaster Jonas von Essen memorizing playing cards on a roller coaster. (Seen on Facebook via Luis...)
Kevin Hays Solving Three Rubik's Cubes Underwater Kevin Hays solves three cubes underwater in less than 90 seconds.
Memorizing a Deck of Cards in 35 Seconds (10 years old) "Speed Cards:35.38s J.Nomundari Mongolia"
Chester Santos: How Smart Can We Get? Memory Expert, Chester Santos - "The International Man of Memory" helps David Pogue to improve his memory during an episode of PBS' NOVA ScienceNOW entitled "How Smart Can We Get?"