The Brain Season 4: Johannes Zhou, Alisa Kellner, Bao Yun, Liu Jian, and more

Edit: the video was unpublished on YouTube, so I've removed the link. If anyone knows where to find it, please post a comment.

The new episode of "The Brain" season 4 is available, featuring Alisa Kellner and Johannes Zhou: [video removed by uploader] Alisa's opponent was Bao Yun, an amateur Go player. Their challenge was to identify three origami products out of 100 possible by seeing the design paper. Johannes Zhou competed against Liu Jian (GMM). Their challenge (starting from 58:00) was to memorize 88 Chinese herb compounds, each composed of 7-15 herbs with weights specified, as well as the locations of 182 herbs. Then given a compound, they reported the constituent herbs' locations and weights. Another challenge (Huang Zheng vs Sylvain Arnoux) in this episode was to find the difference between two juxtaposed images using stereoscopic vision. [post]

27 October, 2017 - 00:57
Joined: 3 years 1 month ago

Hi! The video is missing? Can you please re-link this again.

3 November, 2017 - 14:56
Joined: 3 years 7 months ago

Sorry, it looks like the uploader deleted the video. If anyone knows where to find it elsewhere, leave a comment below.

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