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Rather old...and a little odd. College educated, but that was a long time ago. Male. Make a living as a waiter. I have a bad memory, I take a long time to learn new things, and I've had a life long problem in recalling words while talking. I sometimes joke that I talk like English is my second language, even though it is the only language I know. I have a terrible memory for sounds. I would consider myself retarded if I didn't have a better ability than the average person in understanding abstract concepts. Hence my interest in memory techniques. I've been going to this site for around 6 months at least, although I've known about the Major system for years but never learned it well. About 2 years ago got the book Mind Hacker and learned about Lewis Carroll's memory system...but he just used it to make rhymes, but I've found it to be a good replacement for the Major system, and have also used it to create a sort of Dominic Hotel with it as well.




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