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Wow, er..., hard task to describe something about me. Wasn't asked that for a long time. However, about me:

I'm a 24 (2016) years old PhD student from Germany, studying computer science with a specialization in neuroinformatics and computer learning theory, currently working at the department of neuroinformatics and cognitive robotics at my local university. :)

Somehow I was always interested in intellectually draining activities, as for example analyzing how everyday objects work, fascinated about mechanics and engineering totally inconspicuous stuff can have. I don't want to tell a story about a special boy or something, but after a while of periodically reading here I just noted many of the people here are special in some way, as everywhere and everyone is somehow. It looks pretty homelike here. I think at least some people here are fairly similar to me: interested in learning, improving their own efficiency, going to what one can do. Not elitist or exhausting, just for their own needs, because they want to do that. I like that idea somehow.

About mnemonics:
Yeah, I somehow came across it. Ok, I knew it quite a long time, sometimes mentioned in childhood and so on, but, to be honest, I always thought that is unnecessary. Poor people needing these technics. I would not.
In september 2014 I was facing a really hard exam, totally fearing it, already postponing it for a full year. I thought: "Why not trying to use that?". Ok, totally optimistic to think this could work in just some days, but finally totally impressed how much it really did. I do not have much time usually, so I took a break from learning after that. In december I started over and after just some days I was able to remember pi to 78 numbers and had a fully constructed major system. I switched some images now, but so far. I like the idea of getting much stuff in my head and I never liked to learn. Now I do. Memorizing a thing just once and after that keep it in mind for years. I think my biggest problem is still time. As I mentioned it is way too little. Also I sometimes do not really know, what to learn. Think I'm going to find something now!




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