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I use mnemonics because it's

  1. fun
    • coming up with mnemonic images and placing them, storyfying them
  2. cool
    • going through memory palaces
    • seeing all the images in organized system and the links between them
    • "Oh! This reminds me of that House episode!"
      "Which one?"
      "Season 2 episode 18 with the woman who hadn't been sleeping for 10 days - the one between the dying kid and God-kid episodes."
  3. helpful in studies and daily life
    • I am physics student; helps making associations with already memorized stuff - they just pop into my head
  4. boosts creativity
    • you can read the tons of jokes I've made here, don't think I was like that before starting to use mnemonics
    • I also have this complex where I HAVE TO place my studies into memory palace, and just think about it in every way:
      • come up with best kind of images
      • place them in organized way
      • see all the links between them

      until I understand the topic perfectly. I think why I do it is because of "adaptive survival" :D - I've discovered that good visual organizement helps me to better understand and recall the topic.
      I think the benefits of it can be seen throughout this site - lots of systems here I've come up with and perfected are thanks to deep analysis and visualization.

  5. stress/tiredness/personality/points of interest management
    • hide into memory palaces and visualize it when stressful or when my mind is tired
    • I also have palace for my personality and points of interest, where I choose the 'mode' I want to be in current situation

Perhaps I'll just one day connect my brain to the grid, and live the rest of my life in World of Memory Palaces. xD

P.S. The biggest problem in mnemonics for me is repetition. Why I love doing mnemonics is because of the awe I get when first time memorizing the stuff. Repetition is just boring, cause seeing the same images and associations second time does not offer the same thrill any more; and skip few days and recall goes harder and harder. The thrill was about the challenge to compose the palace. Easier is just to forget :(
Have to do sth about it someday.

P.S.S. The previous text has no other purpose whatsoever besides proving that I am not a bot, although I've spammed this site with quite a lot of posts. xD

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