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Before I knew about memory techniques I spent my time visualizing to myself and made my own method of loci thinking it was something unique. But it turns out to already have existed. I love to learn most of all and I am highly reflective so my goal using memory techniques is to achieve as close as possible to a photographic understanding memory as I can. If more then of-course no limits.

I have not made a number peg system[yet], I do not use the word impossible (except under extreme personal circumstances), I appreciate any advice,criticism and tips at anytime.

I generally seem to end up doing different things to everyone else and but it has benefited me up until now.

Interests: Memory,Neuroscience,Philosophy,'Speed',Mathematics,Biochemistry,Engineering,AI,AGI,Programming,Computer Science, Robotics, Anime, Languages, Logic & Systems, Security,Martial arts.Medicine,Alchemy(Goal orientated chemistry),Intelligence, Puzzles,Gaming, VR,AR, Art, Physics, Hard work, Efficiency and complexity, detail, training... The list does go on a long while, I don't dislike subjects in general, should be the emphasis with my interests along with minor pointing peaks.


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