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Before I knew about memory techniques I spent my time visualizing to myself and made my own method of loci thinking it was something unique. But it turns out to already have existed. I love to learn most of all and I am highly reflective so my goal using memory techniques is to achieve as close as possible to a photographic understanding memory as I can. If more then ofcourse no limits.

My current method of using the method of loci, does not use any locations I know previously but rather creates them instantly with visualization (10 locations per second max). The issue with that is how easy it is to forget them when they dont link completely (for example using a portal to change location, hard to avoid when they are made at high speed) , when they link too indifferrently (the interference) and ofcourse thinking of locations quickly.

Fortunately I have solved all my issues the only ones left are now to make faster use of the method of loci so that it does allow me to understand large texts of books faster than simply reading them and working with maths+the memory palace.

I have not made a number peg system, I do not use the word impossible, I appreciate any advice and tips at anytime.


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