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My interest in memory is wide but includes: Exploring the use of memory methods in publishing. Memory and music and music theory. And publishing techniques, meaning using up-to-date methods of memorisation and encoding to help to build up a vivid mental representations of skills and procedures. I've been exposed to this at work, and I was impressed that the results of some work we did showed a marked increase in results compared to methods not using memory techniques. Because of that experience that these methods can help thinking and learning, I decided to look at some of the existing memory techniques recommended for use by musicians, both in music theory and especially for sight reading (music which is written down and played "at first sight"). I'm interested in exploring new ways of developing new methods, very much for my own amusement rather than for competition. I've developed a complete and interchangable PAO and Memory Route for both the piano keyboard and the guitar fret board and the Grand Staff - it is interchangeable and uses both absolute and relative pitch. If that does not make sense, ask a musician about absolute and relative pitch. You need both to make sense of written music. Absolute pitch does not change, but relative pitch does and to hear music in your head from a written score you need both.




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