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I am a writer and academic interested in the way indigenous cultures use memory methods, especially the method of loci, to record vast amounts of practical information such as animal classification, plant properties, navigation, genealogies ... the list goes on and on. I then apply this understanding to the archaeological record.

The published version of my PhD on the topic which offers a new interpretation of sties including Stonehenge based on the need for elders to memorise vast amounts of practical and cultural information in order to survive. "Knowledge and Power in Prehistoric Societies" is published by Cambridge University Press.

My most recent book, "The Memory Code", is for the mainstream on similar themes, but with more detail on indigenous memory methods and my implementation of them. It was published by Allen & Unwin in Australia, Atlantic Books in the UK, Pegasus Books in the US and the audio book by Audible.

I am now working on a book specifically on implementing the best memory methods I can find from around the world and throughout time in contemporary life. It will include memory methods from indigenous cultures as well as classical, medieval and Renaissance times. It will also include contemporary advice such as that from modern memory experts. I am training for the Australian Memory Championships as a Senior. The 36 memory experiments for this book are described on my website:


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