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About me: 

Retired, had worked in the electric, electronics, computer field.
Hobbies are, amateur artist and writer.
Have interests in technology of both the future and of the past.
Have written and published 4 illustrated books, of which 3 are on the subject of mnemonics, of which 2 of the 3 mentioned are children's story books. I'm working on 2 other book which are, another story book of such, and a book on electronics.

I hope some members and staff of Artofmemory will look my books over, and compare them with other books on the subject. My main reason for this announcement, is to show new innovations of mine, on the subject, which can be found in these books. Although it's not and never my intention to try to use Artofmemory to sell anything (well, unless it's permitted on the website) to enquirer about them, and perhaps about prices and such as well, my email is [email protected], Also, there's more info about the books on, where they can be found for sale, including Kindle versions of each.

The titles are:

Memory Techniques, for School, Work,and Play
A Strange Bedtime Story
A Strange Bedtime Tale

Thank you

John Caleb


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John Caleb


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