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About me: 

Memory techniques are really fascinating. I hope they will some day allow me to remember everything I want. Currently I'm experimenting with a combination of visualization and spaced repetition in order to memorize book contents.

Regarding matches: My time zone is Vienna local time. I prefer evening, but can possibly play at other times as well, depending on my schedule. Please contact me at least one or two days in advance so I can reserve time for the match.

How to reach me:

a) ML notes section. Please make sure to click 'Send to Opponent' every time. For new players: Go to Memory League -> League -> Division [x] -> W[y], where [x] is our division and [y] the number of the week. Click into the 'Notes' field at the right side of our match, type your message and press enter. Then click on the grey box that will appear.

b) Art of Memory private message, see some lines below -> 'Send this user a private message'

c) Email: finwing at fantasymail dot de.

How not to reach me (because I don't check them regularly): Facebook, Slack, Art of Memory forum post.


Real name: 
Dietmar P.


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