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Hi All, I'm Erol, I live in the north of England in the UK. I work as a self employed Online Marketing Consultant. A few years ago I had some issues with a memory loss. I couldn't recall a lot of the past events with friends and family and I wanted to do something about it. After spending some time on google and searching for information on memory, I bought my first book titled "How to develop a perfect memory" by Dominic O'Brien. I'd never heard of Dominic before up until that time, but after I studied and applied his methods I don't think I can ever forget his name. He is also now one of my Memory Heros. Since then I moved on and experimented with the Major System, and after awhile I tried to combine the two together, and also tried and experimented with some other systems to find out what system suited me the best.

Right now I am in the process of creating my own little system named as "The Shaper System" where I convert each two number digits into an image shape from 00-99. So it's basically a Number Shape System that covers all the numbers from 00-99. This all started when I first learned the basic Number Shape System from 0-9. Ball, Swan, Cuffs etc. I realised that I seemed to recognize the numbers much faster in a number shape format, rather than the number words/images created using the Major or Dominic systems. But there was no other number shapes for the rest of 00-99. I googled and did a lot of search to see if anyone else did this before so I could use his/her system. I found some source that covered the numbers from 0-20 by way of associations and shapes that looked like the numbers but there was nothing else. So I decided to create it myself and started working on the number shapes all from 00-99. I'm very familiar with design and programming, so I also decided to create my own software-app so that I can practice image recognition and actions. I'm still working on it to complete the whole thing. I hope to finish it this year, and share the system to contribute to the art of memory and hope that it will be a help to all who may find it useful.


Update > 23 Oct 2018

I have completed all the number shapes from 00-99.

I've created my own desktop app to practice all the number shapes as well.



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