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Hey, I'm a 21 year old math student.
I heard about memory techniques long ago as my parents went to a seminar with me. I learned about pegging information, he taught us a 20 object list, we memorized all US presidents and learned how to memorize faces and names. Sadly, I never really practised or used it.
Thanks to cubing I got interested again. I wanted to solve a cube blindfolded so I learned the major-system, only to find out that letter-pairs are better suited. And as speed is a factor there, it's not about really storing information just about getting through that solve.
As for many other people, Sherlock was a huge factor too, the fascination about memory palaces and their potential.
So at the moment I'm more interested in building up long-term knowledge in my everyday life, and I hope this forum can help me out to finally getting started!




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