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About me: 

I'm a game developer from Québec, Canada.

Been interested in Mnemonics since I saw the Ted talks from both Joshua Foer and Idriz Zogaj, back in 2013 I believe.
I've followed these Ted videos with the books "Moon-walking with Einstein" and "50 ways to Improve ..." By Dominic.

These got me hooked, but I took it slow after learning a semi-functional PAO system.

Now I'm trying to "Train" these techniques I know.

I'm an active member of our Subreddit : reddit.com/r/mnemonics

Learned Pi to 1k digits, and started something to remember every day that passes, 40 days in so far.
The "remember everyday" didn't work well with the first method I used, Changing my method is on my todo-list!




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