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Hi I'm Beast
San Diego, CA 42 yr / Customer Service

Think of X-men Beast...exactly!

I have been training for the past year on all the following disciplines.

1. Random Number 5 mins
2. Cards 5 mins
3. Words 5 mins
4. Abstract Images 5 mins
5. Historical Dates 5 mins
6. Names and Faces 5 mins
7. Binary 5 mins
8. Spoken Numbers 5 mins

I still have a lot to learn and I'm looking for some help. If you consider yourself pretty good or just learning. Lets chat...I'm looking to compete in US MEMORY championship in March 2016 if that is when it's going.

I have a PAO system that I pieced together for handling numbers, cards, 6 digit binary. I moving my count up in spoken numbers and haven't taken a stab at it on this is site yet. I'm excited to be around a group that is building a better world in our mind.

My thoughts are the more you learn, the more you earn!

Say Hi, please.


United States
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