Master Your Anatomy Course

Product Description:I'll Show You How To Learn Anatomy in Only 10 WEEKS!It's Not A Gimmick, A Hype Or A Fad ...It's Just A Smarter Way Of Mastering Anatomy.

You are struggling in your anatomy classes.

You feel that you have too little time and too much to study on your hand.

You cannot keep up with the amount of information you have to retain and you feel overwhelmed.

You are scared to death of all the little details and complex images that you have to retain in Anatomy.

You feel that your 'memory' is not that good because whatever you are learning now, you have already forgotten the next week.

You are racking your brain for ways to apply the memory techniques you know or have heard of (loci, mnemonics, link, etc.) to hundreds of slides of abstract information.

You are looking for an optimal system for memorizing complex information in Anatomy.

How do I know all this? Because I was once there too.

Most, if not, all memory champions tell you that you can master any subjects just by using memory techniques.

They are WRONG!

The memory champions train months and years to memorize lists of data which are recurring images. Compare that to a subject like Anatomy where only a handful of information is repeated.

Sure you can learn a shopping list easily or some names and faces with memory techniques, but try do the same with Anatomy.

Sure you can learn one part of a subject with memory techniques. I even show you how to learn all the bones in the body in less than 1 hour in the course. But… to try to compress all Anatomy into images and learn them in 10 weeks is nearly impossible, unless you know how to and what to do.

I'll show you how to use the memory secrets of the world's memory champions to Master Anatomy in only 10 WEEKS!

These are specific and proven techniques that I have developed over the years by studying how the Memory Champions do it.

For whom is this course for?

This course is for the student who is having trouble learning anatomy.

No matter whether you're a

  • Medical, College or High School Student
  • Researcher or Anatomist
  • Trainer or Sports Professional
  • Chiropractor or Therapist
  • Nurse or Paramedic

What will you get from the course?

  • You will learn the exact mindset needed for you to excel at Anatomy.
  • You will learn the “secrets” Wang Feng used to become a World Memory Champion in less than 2 years and how I applied his techniques to learn Anatomy.
  • You will learn the exact way I prepare my notes for maximum efficiency when memorizing.
  • You will learn about the tools I use to shorten my study time.
  • You will learn the ways I used the results from psychology studies done on memory to push my system to the limit.
  • You will learn my simple step-by-step review strategy so that you never forget what you memorized.
  • You will learn how not to forget Anatomy once your medical studies are over.

What I've got for you

  • Master Your Anatomy Course: The course lays down the foundation on which to build a solid system to learn Anatomy.
  • 10 Weekly Lessons: The worksheets will be your daily companion telling you which Anatomy lecture to learn, when to do your reviews and how to link all the different techniques taught in the course.
  • There is a worksheet for each day of the week and 1 for the weekend. There are 61 worksheets in all.
  • The Preparation Worksheet will show you how to proceed with the course, what tools you'll need, where to get those for free and how to use them.
  • Day 1 starts on Monday February 25, 2013
  • Calendar: I'll give you my personal calendar template to show you when to review which lecture for maximum retention.
  • Anatomy Lectures: The Anatomy Videos are a series of free lectures available on Youtube.
  • Checklist: The checklists will help you know which lecture you have finished and what reviews you have done.
  • A 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (I want you to be 110% satisfied)

Here are the lessons you'll learn each week:
Week 1: General Anatomy, Skeletal System
Week 2: Skeletal System, Joint/Articular System, Muscular System
Week 3: Muscular System, Cardiovascular System
Week 4: Cardiovascular System, Lymphoid System, Respiratory System
Week 5: Respiratory System, Nervous System
Week 6: Nervous System, Sense Organs
Week 7: Alimentary System, Urinary System, Endocrine Glands
Week 8: Endocrine Glands, Reproductive System, The Integument

You'll be done with the lessons by Week 8.

Plus, Check Out this 4 Very Special Bonuses for the first 100 customers

  • My personal Gmail address to contact me on Google talk!
  • Daily Q & A support for the first 10 weeks!
  • Daily accountability reports to measure your progress!
  • Weekly webinars to answer your question for the first 10 weeks! (Except if I'm on call or working at the hospital.)

I know you'll love this course. I've poured my heart and soul into it. This course contains everything I've learned about how to study and enjoy Anatomy.

I'll spare you the hype and hard sales pitch here. At $67 $49, this course is an incredible value, and it delivers on my promise to help you master Anatomy.

Compare that to the latest edition of Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy which is selling at $128.98 on Amazon.

The latest Gray's Anatomy edition is selling at $87.58 on Amazon.

Last I checked, the 4th edition of the Anatomy and Physiology book by Elaine N. Marieb and Katja Hoehn was selling at a staggering price of $162.99 on Amazon.

And bear in mind that the prices of these books are much higher in your local bookstores!

I personally believe that this course is going to change how you study Anatomy.

I'm not here to make a quick buck. This is not a scam. It took me around 5 months to develop this course.

I'm 100% sure that if you work hard during these 10 weeks and apply all what I teach, then learning Anatomy will become a real pleasure.

You will truly become a Master in Anatomy!

About me!

I'm Yan. I'm a medical student in France.

My first suture! ;)

I've been a member of the forum since its inception and I get a lot of requests on there to create a course to share my study techniques and strategies. Rather, than create another general study guide, I've decided to create a step-by-step course to help you master the one subject that most medical students have trouble learning.

60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

No questions asked. Try the course out and if you're unhappy for any reason, I'll refund your full purchase price.
And here's my special one-on-one coaching guarantee. If you go through the course and don't get the results you were hoping for, I'll personally call you on Skype or Google Talk and try to see where I can help you more.

Grab your Human Anatomy Course now, while you still can. Don't let it slip away forever.


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