Michigan Recollection Society

Welcome to the Michigan Recollection Society.

The Michigan Recollection Society is a group of Michigan residents who are interested in or passionate about the study and practice of memory techniques or, “mnemonics.” Currently, its membership is 1.

If you are a Michigan resident and have an interest in being a part of developing a mnemonic group or series of groups in Michigan, please join and share your ideas. The group name is not written in stone; I just needed a name to get the ball rolling.

All skill levels are welcome; from beginner to advanced or master. I am a complete beginner, so if you are also a novice, we can learn together; don’t let inexperience keep you from joining. If you have experience, perhaps you would be willing to help us beginners get through the awkward beginner stages.

The current headquarters are located in Livonia, Mich.

— Joseph Redgate

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