Yeah :)

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#1 17 November, 2016 - 03:11
Joined: 6 years 3 months ago

Yeah :)

Great to see it is open!
My wish for the next improvement would be to see if and which any compete requests versus a random opponent are currently open that I could challenge. :-)

All the best

17 November, 2016 - 08:34
Joined: 1 year 2 weeks ago

It would be nice to see the software give tips for linking after a certain amount of failed attempts or have the option to adjust the time given to memorize the list, especially for people who are just starting to learn these techniques.

17 November, 2016 - 12:17
Joined: 3 years 10 months ago

I really like it so far. Well done.

It would be nice to be able to do a non-live head to head match. My thought is that I could complete my event, then have my score compared to the next person who requests a match and completes the event (or the last person to request one if they haven't been matched up yet). Is there a need for the match to be played live?

I have only requested a match a couple of times so far and didn't get matched up since I'm guessing there aren't a lot of people requesting matches in general. It would be nice to be able to compete in some matches, but not have to worry about someone else wanting a match at the same time I'm trying to. I think more matches would be played if they didn't have to be live.

17 November, 2016 - 19:21
Joined: 1 year 3 weeks ago

I think it would be good to have the option to go back to previous levels after advancing to practice more.

29 December, 2016 - 17:30
Joined: 3 years 7 months ago

To make it easier to find opponents, the Compete link now glows orange whenever there is someone waiting to compete.

This may not be a permanent solution, but it should help.

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