Why managers lose their marbles early?

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Why managers lose their marbles early?

A manager's main focus is to control you. He/she will use any means at his/her disposal to influence you according to his/her hidden agenda and this includes lying and modifications or alterations to recorded facts.

To a manager, remembering means remembering what is self-serving. A good memory is one that that does the trick regardless of the nature of the memory (fact or invention)

A manager can ultimately grow to lose sight of the importance of the truth as this comes way below what is much more important to a manager and that is his/her control or power.

The act or skill of remembering correctly, as in truthfully, can become non-sense to a manager, just as the pure pursuit of the truth is non-sense to him/her.

It has been my experience that such managers cannot be helped when their memory decline because if their memory become problematic, they will not know or care to find truthfully what is causing this but rather they will either try and manage to hide this or they will find a false or hollow explanation for this that will be in consistent with their hidden agenda.

Have I missed the point here? Is it more important to control a self-serving reality or to dedicate one's self to the one true and honest perspective in one's life and honor it through diligence with the honest use of one's memory?

It seems to me that the manager's approach leads to a poor memory and mental degeneration while the other approach leads to better harmony with reality and others in general. But then again, this could simply be my self-serving perspective in line with my hidden agenda. Who knows?

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