Which is best method to remember - major system or dominic or pao?

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Which is best method to remember - major system or dominic or pao?

Which is best method to remember major system or dominic or pao

10 April, 2018 - 13:06
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I think it's just personal preference. It's safe to start with the Major System.

You might be interested in the intro to memorizing numbers post.

Many of the top competitive memorizers use a 3-digit number system -- Ben System or Major System.

I started with the Dominic System, then switched to the Major System, and then to a modified Ben System. PAO didn't fit my brain well, but some people like it.

27 April, 2018 - 02:54
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I am less experienced than others, so please weigh my opinion accordingly. I use the Dominic System and PAO. I have tried the Major System a bit and didn't feel it worked as well. But I didn't give it a very good try. I just liked the Dominic System and am friends with Dominic O'Brien, so there are biases there.

I have 52 characters for cards and 100 for numbers and use PAO for both. I don't overlap the characters between cards and numbers, although I can see the advantage in possibly doing so. I have 152 distinct characters. I like the rhythm of Person does Something with Something. It suits my very systematic personality to always have such a neat structure at each location for numbers, cards and binary. Plus I use characters for memorising lots of other things too. I am really into characters!

I didn't stick to Dominic's method as described on the web page exactly. He starts by assigning numbers by existing connections (10 for Dudley Moore) and then initials for those you have left. I found that unsystematic. I love strict rules. I use initials for all 100. I also don't use his letters but the letters which seemed to me to look most like the numbers.

As Josh says - it depends on personal preference.

Good luck with it!


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