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Updated version of the IGMP method | Verses Into My Mind

Hi everyone!

About 10 months ago I made this post: about my new blog: Verses Into My Mind

There I explained a method I thought, called: IGMP (Information Generated Memory Palace).
You can find this blog post here: Information Generated Memory Palace or IGMP method

This method was very nice but with a cost. It was a little complicated. As an image in my mind was easy to grasp. But, I tried my best to explain it. It had potential but I didn't go far with it because it was tiring for my brain.

I updated the IGMP method and I am very happy with it! I am going to memorize the 1st Epistle of John which is 105 verses long. I just want to share with you the updated IGMP method. I think I found the perfect solution to text memorization. Now, it is just a matter of motivation and taking action to memorize your texts :)

Here it is: Updated Version Of IGMP method

I hope you like it! I want your opinions. Thank you for your time!


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