Tremendous amounts of lists

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#1 5 March, 2016 - 19:40
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Tremendous amounts of lists

I need to memorize an absurd amount of lists.

- "What are the four parts to 'group empowerment'? Define group empowerment and each of its parts."
- "What are the nine group dialectics? Name and describe each."

I don't have memory palaces to attach these to, but I'm doing pretty OK by just creating image stories.
The six advantages to working in a group:
-superior resources (tree flexing buff arms)
-increased member satisfaction (tree gets a grin)
-increased learning (tree puts on glasses and starts reading a book)
-increased cultural understanding (confetti, piƱatas, and various cultures' foods spout out of the book)
-increased creativity (the tree takes everything that spouted out of the book and creates a sculpture out of it)
-civic engagement (the sculpture is a Seviper (Pokemon) (Sev~Civ, so for "civic"), it's alive and the tree proposes to it, becoming engaged)

I'm just overwhelmed by the sheer amount and also the possibility of skipping over a part or two of the list, so I've inconsistently started making the main characters, such as the tree in the above example, related to my number characters. I also need a bit of help visualizing words. For about 80-90% of the words and phrases I can come up with a character or item that's easy to correlate, but the ones that I don't get right I frequently puzzle over, no matter how many times I create a different item that I suspect will be easier to remember. For example, "conform."

Thanks! And let me know if anything I wrote doesn't make sense. =P

Edit: I should also mention that I am "naturally" memorizing what each of these terms means by out loud explanation. For instance, the "superior resources" the textbook mentions is more about group members' knowledge and experience than physical resources, and I will say or mutter an explanation to myself without textbook or notes present for my review.

6 March, 2016 - 11:46
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I have a specific image for "form" and always use a convict (black&white stripes) either interacting with the smaller word's image or exemplifying the definition when that prefix is used.

So mine is con+form, but yours could be the convict stuffed into a small glass box, his body forced to conform to the cube.

For abstract terms, break it down into word parts (think prefix/suffix) and/or try the phonetic route, like using a rhyming word.

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