tip for remembering abstract words, also question about training to recall words more effectively

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tip for remembering abstract words, also question about training to recall words more effectively

i've personally experienced that it is more difficult for me to recall abstract words, in comparison to nouns, so i've developed a really simple way to turn most abstract nouns into something more concrete in order to bolster my ability to recall the meaning of the word behind the image.

i wont' attempt to describe it because i feel it is more effective to just dive right into an example so you can understand what i'm talking about.

so, for example,. if i were learning the word "cold," the first thing that pops into my mind (for me) is CO, which makes me think of KOrean. or maybe CO, as in company, so maybe i'll see an executive interacting with whatever the foreign word is. in korean, which i have been learning, cold is pronounced CHUP, so i imagined a korean hitting some cold freezing poop to remember "cold".

it is very helpful to set up a set of images for different two letter combinations. for KO/CO, i see a korean, and this helps a lot with this method. moving on, rather than attempt to see an abstract idea, i'll take what the word sounds like and use that to make a concrete image, granted, cold is a pretty easy one to remember, but when you get onto things like "inevitable," or "ironic" you might have a bit more trouble, which is when this technique really helps.

for a second example, let's use hate. the pronunciation of hate in korean is "seereo". so, using this technique i'll see some HAY(te) maybe on fire, to indicate that its angry!, falling all over someone who is rowing, with the sea being very violent and hitting him around (sea interacts with the reo[wing boat] in order to remember the order of the words).

i hope i have been clear, and while i've used some very simple examples here, this is definitely applicable for tougher words. also, this can give you an easier time recalling the word from native language>foreign language, rather than the other way around. i hope i've made sense, if i haven't, please let me know and i'll attempt to elucidate, if this is common knowledge, well, i feel stupid. i'm very new to mnemonics.

also, a side question, does anyone do any type of training to help improve their ability to recall foreign words? i've started training numbers with the line of thought that if i cant recall numbers rapidly, then there is something i'm doing wrong with my imagery, and improving my imagery will help improve my ability to recall foreign words as well. thanks a lot.

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