The use of technics in general for the practical life.

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#1 11 June, 2012 - 10:26
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The use of technics in general for the practical life.

I didn't know exactly where to put this kind of topic, but im gonna put at the challenge because i consider it as a challenge. So here is the thing;
I want to memorize everything about Heroes of Newerth, if you don't know, is a RPG game online MOBA (move by action).
This game is composed by heroes, skills - range of skills, radius, effects of the same, items, and etc. But that is what i want most to memorize. So im gonna put a scratch here of the data that i want to memorize, and the most experient people who use mnemonic methods tell me HOW MANY TIME IT SPENDS to memorize and how! I tried to do it but, it spend too mutch time, i used the method of loci, using my room, and a mental journey. The data:
I want to memorize THIS. Most of them are pure facts, i could do it alone, but since there is a whole community for mnemonic technics id like to know your opinion. Thank you for reading this, and i apreciate your feedback.

11 June, 2012 - 11:01
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Hi Avignus,

I assume each character has:
- target position
- type
- range
- radius
- man cost and
- cooldown

So start with putting them in a list and memorize that list.
You know that these six properties need to be learned with each and every character. So after this for each character we need to code the data into memorizable parts. I will take your example and show you how to code the data.

I would use codes for these six properties.
So for 'target' I would use the image of a bow and arrow and a big red target to point at.
For 'type' I would use a typewriter.
For 'man cost' I would use coins.

Start with putting those six items into a list so you can address them one by one.

Now link the six properties per character to the actual data.
So if the 'type' is 'magick' I would see a witch using a typewriter to conjure up stuff.

For the numbers I would use the major system.
For 1200 use DaNCeS.
For 350 use eMaiLS.

Now take each character and using the techniques above memorize every character one by one.

Once you have done the coding for all the characters (this takes the most time), an experienced memorizer can memorize a character in less than a minute.

Did I meat your challenge?

21 September, 2012 - 03:09
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Kinma, I like your approach. What I would add to that is that you probably know that the character look like, so no need to do anything in order to memorize them. Then simply attach the information you want to remember to the same part of each character.

Using the images proposed in Kinma's reply I would do say the type is always on the head, and thus for magic I will picture the character's head pop open at the top of his / her scull and see a witch bobbing up and down on a spring like a jack-in-the-box.

Added to this you should develop a fixed set of images for recurring terms / ideas as this will save you a lot of time when memorizing a new character.

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