The First Published Draft of my PAO System

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The First Published Draft of my PAO System

Hey everyone!

In my spare time over the past few weeks, I've been working up a Person-Action-Object list using basic Major System Rules. I made PAOs for the ten single digits, and then also for all the double digits from 00 to 99. The way I worked it was by keeping it as Spartan as possible, so that each word contained only the appropriate consonants. I thought this would make it simpler to figure out and remember, since the pool of useable words is naturally smaller than with more inclusive rules. Truth be told, I think this actually made it a little more difficult, though I had the examples and resources posted by others to assist me. Even so, it could get a bit dicey, but I stuck to the formula. I've put it into practice as I've been creating and learning it, though the later numbers especially need to be further solidified. Whether my list will work efficiently under these stringent rules will be seen through application. If it causes too much confusion or isn't effective enough, I imagine I'll go back and broaden the criteria where needed.

Another note is that my "objects" can include animals or kinds of people (ie "knight" in 21). Humans and animals can be counted as objects in my list, so long as they're not specifically named people. Whether this will muddle and confuse my ability to recall will also be seen through future practice.

The people can be known by either first or last name, but all appropriate sounds for a number can be found in only one of their names. The rest I've tacked on for others to identify, at least by a little search on Google, if need be. Some are so specific to me they wouldn't mean anything to anyone outside my circle of family and friends. Feel free to use this list or parts of it for your own. Or just take elements that you like. There are some great examples out there, and I hope mine can help out, as others have helped me.

Without further ado, the list is here

I've gone through editing amidst coming up with the list, and I have no doubt that I'll continue to change and adapt it to find what works best.

Please feel free to weigh in with opinions/criticism/what have you.

Thanks a bunch!


5 August, 2014 - 16:29
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Thanks for sharing it! I've added a link to this thread from the PAO System wiki page so that people will be able to find it.

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