The Democratic Outcry of the Memory Sports Community

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#1 28 May, 2016 - 13:49
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The Democratic Outcry of the Memory Sports Community

I read a letter entitled "The Democratic Outcry of the Memory Sports Community" on The letter was signed by approximately 30 people, including some of the top rated memory sport competitors in the world. These competitors are refraining from registering in the next World Memory Championship. I do not know much about the specific allegations stated in the letter but I am interested to see how the World Memory Sports Council address the letter and if any changes are made. If you are interested in memory competitions I would highly recommend reading the letter for yourself.

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28 May, 2016 - 14:22
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Personally, I have watched the Backgammon community fail as a competitive game for the last 20 years or so as one wingnut committe after another fails through the "democratic" process. Organizing any community takes significant time and effort. To me this equates to money. If you cannot monetize the operations you can't pay the mortgage, food, or for your family. This leave only unemployed/unemployable volunteers with bizarre motivations left to run the ship. In backgammon it has left a small set of ; independently wealthy, degenerate gamblers, mentally ill/unemployable hobbyists at the helm. This "experiment" has resulted in whining and infighting for as long as I can remember.

If someone can figure out how to profitably organize and institute a global league then more power to them. They will be suitably motivated to grow the league and its membership as a sport. Currently it is at the level of circus freak show / self improvement guru. A larger competitive community that develops a range of competitive levels and promotes growths into the education system to generate more competitors (and therefore more profit) would be a win-win-win. Operators, Competitors, Everyone Else.

In practice I have seen that everyone want a piece of the pie but very few actually want to / or are able to do the work required.

Just my opinion and clearly the opposite of the "democrats" but us unemployable, libertarian wingnuts need to spam the internet too.

9 June, 2016 - 18:04
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The president of the World Memory Championships, Chris Day, recently wrote an open letter to the memory community. It appears that this letter is in direct response to "The Democratic Outcry of the Memory Sports Community." Chris Day mentions the word democratic three times in the letter. He also states "WMSC is now planning to create a new and expanded Rules Commission to advise on World Championship and tournament regulations and to provide a conduit of feedback from our competitors to make our sport even better and more democratic."

I am interested in competing in memory championships in the future and I am interested in learning more about the WMC. One thing that is confusing to me is there is no rules section on the official website. I attempted to determine how the world rankings are calculated and no where on the website is that information published. For an organization that has been in existence for 25 years at some point rules had to have been established. Are the arbiters and officials the only people who are granted access to the rules for the world memory sport?

10 June, 2016 - 14:53
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Yes, that is exactly right. Having been an arbiter for many years, I have tried to argue that people like you should have access to this information, yet you do not, so how can you know the rules ? You can buy them, but by the time you buy them, they will have changed anyway. From experience, I know that, I will not even know of these changes, until I'm actually at a competition. I've been at a competition where the rule-book was released and I've updated that rule-book by hand because it was out of date on the day of the competition, where many copies were taken (for sale), what with it being the day of release.

In regard to the comment previously, yes, of course it takes money. We aren't so delusional that we think any differently. It's how that business is conducted that's got our backs up. When I say 'that business', what I mean is 'that series of businesses', for there are many businesses for the World Memory Championship, all for the same competition, but under many different names. For years, the people that own it have ignored competitors and threatened them with expulsion from competitions, threats of legal action and other things that are considered by us to be immoral, hence why people are signing up to the walk-out.

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