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#1 12 August, 2017 - 09:26
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Testing Shortcuts

If there are more than 5 people reply,I will post second-half part.

12 August, 2017 - 12:34
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The conditions to use this shortcut are only going to be met on average once per deck. You have four cards that it can work on, and each one has 1/4 chance to have the same suit after it. I'm not sure memorizing the average deck in 51 images instead of 52 will justify these complications. After all, those with 1 card systems. can somewhat surpringly be competitive with those with 2 card systems who have half the images.

Despite that however, this is interesting and I would like to see the 2nd part.

13 August, 2017 - 05:04
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Hi, I'd like to see the 2nd part. :)

15 August, 2017 - 00:24
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Hi, I'd like to see the 2nd part. :)

15 August, 2017 - 04:43
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But,it seems that shortcuts are not that popular.
The reason behind making such thing is to make good use of all images I have in the 100-number system.

16 August, 2017 - 18:22
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So I guess I have to post the second half so as to catch eyes.
Yep,the chance of facing these combinations are small. But just in case of these great opportunities.

3 in a row
= i64
Or for safety reason(many decks),
ie.i Queen+i64

Full house
= i54
Or i6+i54

24combinations for each
~3 in a row
~full house

Relevant images

just ignore them.
The remaining images,100-50-24=26,
they are used as asistance 2-card sysystem
packages for those pair of images I can  hardly join together in my plaza.
(Remarks I use 2 objects per loci.)

It's not an end,the next time I will talk about how to use them in practice and in which field.

28 August, 2017 - 08:29
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To use the shortcuts,u should first remember
when will be those conditions in.
Then,when memorizing the number-related
disciplines,u leave a blanket to where u used a shortcut.
For instance,4578 2226 4567 8654 3210
Case A (4578)a normal situation
i1&i2 put in Loci1

Case B (alliteration)
Only put 1 image in L2 reminds me I have used a shortcut.

Case C (snake)It must be at least 5 numbers in a row.
Put i4 in L3 and leave L4 empty.
6543 210=60=i5
Put i5 in L5 and empty L6.

Um...I am tired,let c if there will be any chance for me to continue

15 October, 2017 - 19:48
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Can you give an illustration like maybe 30 cards?

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