Symbols to keys?

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#1 24 November, 2013 - 18:40
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Symbols to keys?


I'm studying music and I had an idea of assigning symbols to keys. I'm sure something of the sort has been used by other people, but didn't really find a system like the one that occurred to me.

I associated the keys with the 7 elements (the veracity of this element listing is debatable, but let's not go into that... ). I tried to stick with the associations my brain found made more sense, so it became this:

C-Water (Blue)
D-Wood (Green, from the leaves of a tree)
E-Aether (Black)
F-Metal (Grey, I kind of see it grey with a purple-ish hue)
G-Earth (Brown)
A-Fire (Red)
B-Air (White)

And for the sharps and flats I thought of using a mixture of the two adjacent elements but didn't really work so I just think of a sharp triangle with that element, or a kind of "puddle" of that element, flat.

It came actually pretty fast, the association while playing a C and an image of water coming to mind, etc.
And I think it may be useful in memorizing the cicle of 5ths/4ths (which I kinda know already) and the chords, like C major is water/aether/earth, may even make some kind of story for better memorization.

Also I'm thinking of, to memorize the guitar neck, place my finger on a A position, for example, and maybe seeing it with fire underneath, or burning, etc, and repeating that for all keys, in all positions.

Even for songs, I start kind of visualizing the elements on different parts of the song, so it's easier to memorize where to go next...

Now, my question, since I'm relatively new to the memorization techniques is:
This all seems to make sense to me, and it works fast on this level I'm at, but music is very complex, and there's a lot more to it... I'm just afraid such a system might hinder me in some way in the future, might be somewhat fallacious in some context...
So, for those who are more experienced in memorization and even on music specific systems, does this system seem like a good idea?
Right now I am a bit afraid of putting my energy into making it work and end up more confused in couple months...

1 December, 2013 - 19:24
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I don't think that there is any danger in experimenting. :)
You might also be interested in the thread about Scriabin and artificial synesthesia.

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