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#1 12 May, 2016 - 08:37
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Successful stories?

Dear fellow artists
has anyone had any success applying the techniques to their exams. As in acing their tests. I have used the method of loci to memorize several decks of cards and numbers name etc. (the easy stuff) But I fail to see how it can be applied to academia. I will soon be taking an organic chemistry exam ,can any fellow science students provide their testimonies
many thanks :)

13 May, 2016 - 03:52
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I memorized 325 questions in 3 weeks(I knew the questions so well, I knew when the teacher was wrong and showed him how he got 10 of the answers incorrect).............. Wasn't too hard. I find an easy open world game and use houses of building that have detailed enough interiors. It is nice and easy. I'm now starting to use this method on math to memorize formulas.

I originally had a fear of building massive memory palaces, multiple 100+ palaces, but once I started doing it I realized it was just a mindset issue. This next semester I will have what amounts to 4 memory cities of 300+ places. Creating around 50 or spaces a week is not hard, it just takes some getting use to. I'm not claiming 100% accuracy here, but this was so effective it will become my go to method.

I will say on another note there is some foundational stuff that doesn't get talked about in a lot of memory books and that are things like time management, writing out action plans on how you plan to ace a class, etc.... there is so much more. Sometimes Mnemonics has it's limits, but is still helpful. I'm learning Spanish and though Mnemonics has helped, putting in time with writing exercises and speaking exercises trumps memorization.

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