Speed cards format

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Speed cards format

Quick question regarding speed cards:

Please could someone confirm the format and rules used. If I am not mistaken it is as such: you have 5 minutes to memorise and then 5 minutes to rearrange a sorted deck to match. If you finish memorisation in under 5 minutes then the remaining period may be used in contemplation (i.e. mental revision of the order of cards). This is the rules I've been able to find, according to http://www.usamemorychampionship.com/events/speed-cards/ which I assume is the standard used in all 5 minute "speed card" events?

The reason I ask is I thought I read once that after 5 minutes there's one minute given to mental preparation before the reordering starts. Not sure where I would have read this, perhaps Foer's Moonwalking with Einstein?

Also what would happen if you are ordering the cards on your desk and you get hit by the 5 minute reordering time limit? I'm thinking you'll have the cards spread on the desk in some semblance of order but possibly with gaps and somewhere your yet-to-be-placed cards. How does an official make sense of this? Does the athlete have to hand the prepared reordered deck before the time limit hits? If so then in the scenario where the cards are still spread on the desk do you score zero points? Is anyone present to alert you to the remaining time?

Thanks in advance. I've not been to nor seen a real speed cards event so I'm not sure of the exact rules.

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