Several Packs of cards

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#1 1 January, 2017 - 01:17
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Several Packs of cards

Hello Everyone,

Wishing You all A very Happy New Year....
Please help me with Your comments on
"How to Memorise Several deck of cards like more than 10 packs"
I think hour cards are very difficult discipline at World Memory championship, You have to keep memorising one deck after the other..
Do you stop to review... How does Memory champs like Ben Peidmore do this difficult task with so ease.
Is there any technique to remember several deck.
If there are any Please share, your views...
Thanking you all


1 January, 2017 - 06:07
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The main reason behind my creating a two-cards-to-one-image system was because I wanted to do more than ten packs in an hour, and that just wasn't possible with my old system, where there were just 52 images and each of them would appear once in each pack. Seeing each image more than ten times is just too confusing, you're sure to get mixed up between different sequences. If you use person-action-object it's not so bad, but there'd still be quite a lot of repetition.

As for reviewing, it's probably best to see what works for you, it's different for everyone. I've always done three packs, reviewed them, then the next three packs, reviewed those, and at the end run through the whole lot of packs another couple of times.

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