Season 3 playoffs!

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#1 13 October, 2018 - 01:31
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Season 3 playoffs!

Okay, I think all the league matches that are going to be played have been played, let's cut it off here and launch the playoffs!

Division 1 are playing their finals today, so good luck to everyone. :)

Playoffs for promotion to division 1 - Boris Konrad will play Egor Dubrovin, and Jan Zoń will play John Graham

For promotion to division 2 - Ben Pridmore will play Mohamed Ramadan, and Silvio B. will play Braden Adams

For promotion to division 3 - Андрей Савицкий will play Jürgen Petersen, Niklas Hendrik will play AloÏs Da Silva, and Anastasia Woolmer will play Florian Minges - Martin Nilsson gets automatically promoted.

And for promotion to division 4 - Chris Forde will play Ian Fennell, Frank Grube will play Thyroxine101, and Roberto Valloggia will play Pierre Bruzi - Erol Ozvatan gets automatically promoted.

Playoffs are EIGHT games - each competitor picks four disciplines. The first-named player chooses first (that's the player from the higher division). If the match ends 4-4, you start again, and the winner is the first person who's winning by two clear points (6-4, 7-5 etc). Good luck to everyone!