Reverting to your old state of mind. Possibility ?

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Reverting to your old state of mind. Possibility ?

Hello all,

I have been playing this particular fps mobile game for the past couple of months, and just yesterday something strange happened. Because I have played it for a while, I have leveled up along the way( from Lv. 1 to Lv. 70 ). So, obviously as you all are aware of, anyone's gaming pattern changes, like getting better head-shots or knowing better weak points to exploit etc. And so did mine.
I mean like how pros speak, we begin to see the process, or in this case, the game in a different way (correct me if I am wrong). Practice, yep.

But then just yesterday, I was playing and suddenly a moment came when in a span of a second or two. I mean, I saw this guy behind a door and I was about to shoot him, but I simply couldn't. I was simply dazzled.I didn't know why at first, but after a few seconds I came to know why (the guy killed me obviously :D).

That particular scene had happened to me before, when I was at level 10 or something, the time when I was a noob and couldn't even properly aim at someone. I somehow feel, that my state of mind at Lv. 10 had crawled into me at that moment. And for that reason perhaps, for the next couple of seconds I was seeing the game map in that manner. It felt really different.

I don't know the extent to which this might be true. But upon thinking about this on a more generalized aspect, say in the case of mnemonics. Like maybe in the case of memorizing cards. I mean one might be having a particular tempo for memorization (that is achieved after breaking the auto- pilot mode barrier). But, what if such a similar situation comes up ?

I know this might sound silly for a second person, but that split second of experience was strange like anything.

Has anyone of you people have had such experiences?

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