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#1 15 December, 2013 - 08:40
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Quickie Flash Cards

I like Flash Cards, but what a pain to use, so...

As I just surf or read my RSS stuff, I keep M$ Excel running
I have a worksheet called General
In one Column Heading, I have a Header named Sort-1 (I have other Sort Headers for even more refinements to Filter)
As I come across things, say a neat word, I put it in a Column, then for the definition, I Insert a Comment of the definition
Besides Vocab, I have other things, such Med for medical, Say for sayings, Math, etc
I often for fun will Filter out just the Vocab, Med, etc., to review
I can cursor down, reviewing definitions, and if I need to see a definition, I stop the cursor on the word

YouTube has other neat things I can do with Excel, e.g., Randomizing, special coloring, Conditioning Formatting, etc.such as inserting an image maybe for a Memory Palace

Many things for Sorting/Filtering is found under the Data Tab

I like easy to use stuff once I set up something and M$ Office has many things allowing this
YouTube usually has someone showing me how--once I can form the question

9 January, 2014 - 16:13
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Interesting idea... Spreadsheets can be saved as .csv format, which can also be imported into Anki and other programs.

9 January, 2014 - 21:53
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You can be quite creative with a spreadsheet

I collect words I put on one page within an Excel worksheet
Column One is my Main Sort, then done more so with Column Two and so on
This way I can go over Vocab--other items I save such as Windows8 terms are NOT viewed
If I want "Vocab," "Medical" terms, then I easily show only these terms
These various Sorts can be expanded and contracted for quick and mean studying for an exam

When I want to play around with my memory palace or playing cards, on another sheet I use the Random Function
On each Refresh, I get new set of data to remember

YouTube's ExcelIsFun (and others) can provide many ideas we memory lovers can use

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