Questions about the mnemotechnics book

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Questions about the mnemotechnics book

Hi guys, I am a newbie to the mnemonic and memory fields and I bought this book which called
Mnemotechnics The Art and Science of Memory Techniques by M.A. KOHAIN and I have a
few question that I hope you help me with.
In the part 6 of the book, the author talked about something called the first alphabet as the excerpt from the book shows

you see he made a table by specific names and objects then he replaces the word based on the letters. Also, he encourages you to make your own table

my questions are
what the system that this author uses is it the major system or what the name that they call. Also, I want to make my own table but how I should do it I think there are certain rules as you same he divided it into some sections like substances,qualities,action and affections and there are some more in the bottom that I could not read. May some of you please explain it.

Also, the last question is about breaking the vowel and the sound, is there a specific way to do it or do you do it by nature because I am not an English native speaker.

Best regards,

I do not own the images ,nor do I own its copyrights. All the right goes to the author M.A. KOHAIN, I only post it for educational purposes.

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