Problems with visualization, imagination.

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#1 26 October, 2014 - 06:29
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Problems with visualization, imagination.

Sp when i try to imagine something my eyes often hurt, are tensed, also when i lie on bed with closed eyes and try to imagine some stuff, not only my eyes but also legs get tensed, like having restless leg syndrome. Why is that so? what can help? (i have enough magnesium if someone would like to suggest lack of minerals or vitamins, i have plenty of them, not too much, just enough).

28 October, 2014 - 23:51
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Does it happen right away when you start imagining things, or after a while of imagining things?

4 October, 2015 - 12:15
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Make sure to relax and let it happen, if you try to see things you're going to be straining your eyes to see something. Remember you aren't actually seeing with your eyes, and you don't need to strain, straining will only make it harder. I had similar problems when visualizing something I wasn't practiced at, it just means that you're straining.

Focus on your breathing, and allow yourself to relax first, a nice glass of hot tea, some relaxing music.You currently associate accomplishment with trying, so you naturally strain to try to accomplish it. This is wholly unnecessary, If you spend long enough with your eyes closed you'll start to imagine things even if you were trying not to (12 minutes or so). Try to be aware when that happens, and what your state of mind is like, it'll help recreating it. Much like memory imagination is more aroused by things which are emotional. It's why it's easy to imagine a fight between a squirrel and an elephant, but hard to imagine the letter "A". Another difficulty in remembering symbols is that you probably have never observed them very closely, try to observe the geometric shapes that compose a symbol. Really pick it apart, look at the thing you're trying to remember, close your eyes and try to describe it verbally, then open your eyes and recognize assumptions you had about the object which were incorrect.

The eye strain and leg strain are natural if you're straining to imagine something, you just have to be patient and relax. To alleviate the leg strain you could do some stretches. Keep in mind you're imagining the entire time you're asleep but you don't feel any eye strain then.

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