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#1 9 January, 2017 - 04:31
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Problem with vocab flashcards

Hi all,
I'm learning a vocabulary deck of cards that has 3700 words.
I'm using the basic mnemonic method where I visualize people and objects and actions to represent a word meaning.
While learning the process is going well and its easy to recall words I learned during the day.
The problem is that after I finish the 3700 deck and come back for a revision I find that 80% of the words I learned have vanished. Its the third time for me to go through the 3700 words and yet Im not satisfied, still cant remember 70% of words. Its like learning them again.
Any suggestions that can help me master my vocab list?

9 January, 2017 - 05:03
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"Its the third time for me to go through the 3700 words".

That must represent a lot of work :(.
Do you use a spaced repetion system (like anki) ?
Do you put these images into loci or not ?
When you create your images, do you take into account the form of the word itself or you just make associations based on its meaning ? Stupid example : The word tycoon is for me a typhoon with arms holding much bank notes. Images are made to bridge the form of the word to its meaning.

9 January, 2017 - 05:18
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Hey bruno, thanks for your reply
Yes I use ankidroid software
I'll give you an example how I memorize a word like upbraid which means to critisize. The word braid is also a word in my mother tongue that resembles a swearing or a bad word, so I imagine someone sitting on a chair and I tell him upbraid (like stand up u ....) then I start critisizing him.

9 January, 2017 - 07:02
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Yep, I think that this kind of images are the way to go.

Are you learning the f***ing GRE word list ?
Do you respect the review schedule of anki ? And so, no loci method, just images ?

9 January, 2017 - 07:19
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Yes those are the GRE list words
I respect the anki review and even go ahead.
I dont use loci since it would be additional information and a waste of time

9 January, 2017 - 08:12
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OK ! I hope this is for academic achievement and not for improving your vocabulary. Learning this list voluntarily was one of my poorest life choice ahahah. A large part of these words are just not used. On this forum itself, one day, I saw a sentence containing 3 words of this list, I felt proud...until I understood that one guy was justing mocking the other guy about his elevated manner of writing, that's why he used these obscure words. One recent day, at an event related to language learning, I showed a random word from ankidroid belonging to this list to a native. The word was bankmount or something like that. The native did not even know this f***cking word, this was a terrible moment ahah. This list is hardcore.

It may surprise you, but I learned it with loci and ankidroid and it went well. Like you, I did not want to spend time building a 4000 loci palace, so I tried to generate loci on the fly. I had an imaginary city that was constrained on the edge by natural elements (montain, see, desert, grass) and place were put iteratively. "For this image, a bank would be good, so be, it, a bank will be placed in the main place". Sometimes I disported places I know into my palace, sometimes it was just imaginary place.

This is absolutely not a canonical use of loci method, but that was a lot of fun. The drawback was that, contrary to the "normal" use of loci method, I could not walk my palace linearly and find my words. I tried it, and got very few the words I learned. But facing a word on ankidroid, I could easily find the image and its place.

One the other hand, one aspect of this method was that loci had a semantic aspect that helped. For example I placed "Ruthless" in a workplace where I were directed by a ruthless personn. With time, many more words semantically related were stored in this location. Sometimes, images were in interaction. Grouping images in such a way worked well I think. They kind of reinforced each others.

If you try this, please let me know if it went well.

"I respect the anki review and even go ahead."
hmm... I am wondering how anki reschedule cards that have been reviewed more early that they should have been. I hope they take it into account by reducing the new interval compared of what it should have been without early review. There are some evidences that the more difficult a recall is, the longer is your following period of retention. Anki desktop seems to take this into account by applying a penalty (see this discussion) and reducing the new interval, but I don't know if it is the same system for ankidroid.

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