Preparing for a Government exam

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#1 12 October, 2015 - 10:35
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Preparing for a Government exam

Hello, im Castilla from Spain im 27 years old , and i need some help from wise people from this forum.
I read some books about study/memory, like "make it stick" , some .pdf.. and other from Ramon Campayo (he is from Spain also).

My situation is i need to study 2 textbook, 31 chapters and about 1600 pages total,for a public exam to land a job at administration, one of the books is mostly laws etc, the other is more about history, procediments , functions, hierarchy of the government, etc.

What aproach should i use to be the most efficient possible?
I'm thinking about:

-Speed Reading now i read at about 370 wpm if i got 1000 i will read the whole syllabus twice in the same time.
But it really works? i will remember later?

-Using major system for law article numbers, but the chapters are very dense like 50 pages.
If i can remember the article number but not the article himself is a problem

-Spaced repetition srs, for example dominic o'brien scheme, for not forgetting.

-What about mind mapping? what i should mind map? tony buzan book worth it?

-In my case, i should use memory palace/loci?
-Usually how many time is needed to remember such quantity of information?

I know im asking lots of questions and some are in the wiki (i read the wiki, the starting, and the how to remember a book)
Basically i need advice how to combine the methods in the most efficient way because, i need the job, and usually the people who land the job are people taking 95/100 scores in 1600 pages, i need to know all chapters near verbatim to get this marks.

Thank you very much, any advice is trully welcome.
ps: Sorry for my english mistakes is not my mother tongue

13 October, 2015 - 03:35
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Here's how I'd approach this:

1. Collect all key ideas in a big mindmap. Each Chapter should have a main branch, nicely sorting in all key elements of the info you need to know.

2. Create journeys/ palaces for each branch or sub-branch and start placing key-images in it.

3. For each journey/ palace create an Anki collection with questions like:
Front: Category-JourneyName-JourneyPosition | Back: Answer & Reference Page

4. Go through the cards and make sure you can explain every single keyword in the required details. Check your reference books frequently.

13 October, 2015 - 05:29
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i checked the anki software a very good option, and i think youre idea about using palaces are good also, thank you Rumburak, any advice more in the other questions people? any advice is very welcome, i want to prepare well.

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