Phenomenal memory good or bad?

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I have passed the half of the course. But it was in Russian (actually the GMS is just a translation of the book of another Russian author – Vladimir Kozarenko). The rest part of the course was dedicated to memorizing texts and passwords (as I remember). But, by the middle of the course I have got everything I want – I passed him for the sake of learning English.
I like this system and use it in learning English. But it seems that in English segment this course has very repellent impression due to marketing policy of the sellers.
Is it better than O'Brien, and other popular sources – Actually, I don’t know, because I didn’t use them and cannot make a comparison. But take into account that the system is based on the theory that you have to connect static images rather that create stories and use dynamics. It also has journey or loci method as the base for memorizing useful information, but items there is mentally divided onto several parts. For example, if you take a guitar, you can place another images onto the neck, body, tailpiece, pickup, strings and so on. It saves the base images when using journey method.
So, you can find a lot of free information on the point. Ah, you can try English You Mind (android program) which is created based on the Kozarenko’s system. This will show you the basics. And if you understand Russian you can also try Mnemocon (it contains the first 12 lessons from the system. I think they will be the same as the first 12 GMS lessons)
Still, I am sure that any system is good enough to such a degree to which extent you have mastered it.

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