People-oriented Jobs and Alzheimer's Risk

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People-oriented Jobs and Alzheimer's Risk

People-Oriented Jobs May Help Lower Alzheimer's Risk

People who work in jobs that task the intellect are better able to withstand the effects of brain lesions commonly associated with Alzheimer's disease, report researchers from the University of Wisconsin's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center.

That's particularly true if you have a job requiring complex social interactions, as opposed to working on your own analyzing data or working complicated apparatus, said lead researcher Elizabeth Boots. She's a research specialist and Ph.D. candidate at the center.


"What is important here is not the exact job you have, but the skills you implement in this job," Okonkwo said. "Clearly, there are many avenues for someone to provide mentoring outside of the work environment."

He noted that the study could not show a direct cause-and-effect relationship between a person's job and their ability to withstand dementia. For example, it could be that people who are less likely to experience age-related brain decline simply tend to drift into intellectually rigorous jobs, Okonkwo said.

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